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Best Beard Care Tips

thirteencultureYou are a man after all, so you have the freedom to grow your beard. Yet, growing your beard and having the best beard style requires commitment, care and a lot of patience.   Beards and mustache alone couldn’t care for itself. You always need to upkeep it so that it will grow healthy or else you’ll end up look like a wanderer.

Whether you are trying to achieve a 2-foot mass or just have passed the stubble stage, here are some of the best beard care tips.

To prevent skin from itching, there is a need to keep your skin properly moisturized. Mild shampoo to cleanse your beard and mustache is essential to remove dirt. To keep it from drying that causes itchiness, using moisturizer helps. This way it can grow better and healthier.

One of the common mistakes that every man makes is trimming and shaping their beard too early.  Once a mistake is committed, it may take an additional 6 weeks just to recover. To avoid it, let your beard and mustache grow wild first. Once you have achieved an inch and a half, that is the perfect time that you can start shaping and trimming it.

Trimming your beard and mustache requires the use of the right tools. Among those useful tools are the trimmer, scissor, comb, and mirror. If you don’t have the right knowledge and skills in trimming your beard, it is best to go to the nearest barber shop and let the professional do the trimming or designing.

Having the best beard design is nice, but it doesn’t end there. You need to keep it healthy. One of the ways of keeping it healthy is by eating nutritious foods. Getting enough rest can also make your beard healthy and strong. After taking meals, you should wipe your beard or rinse it so that debris might not stick with it.

Lastly, applying beard oils and balms can make your hair nice looking and clean. If you are searching for best beard products you can shop via online at thirteen culture. It offers high-quality products at reasonable prices. Rest assured that all products offered are useful in growing and maintaining your beard.

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Best Tips for Growing and Maintaining Beard


So, you are dreaming to grow your beard in stellar shape? Why not? After all, you are a man and you have the freedom to do so. Start growing your beard and show them that a man’s face can be a glorious spot of fuzz and bristle. Once you have grown your beard and mustache, you need to know the ways on how to maintain your beard garden for it to flourish.

Here are some of the useful tips in maintaining your beard.Beard Oil Set

  •    Choose the right tools. Growing and maintaining your beard always requires the right tools. As your beardand mustache grow, you need to trim it so that it can grow nicely. With this, you always need to buy, beard trimmers with different clippers, scissor, comb, skin friendly shaver, and mirror.
  •    Select the best beard and mustache care products. Among those best products that you must have are the beard oils and balms and mild shampoo and conditioner.  It is best to apply mild shampoo to clean your beard and mustache, then apply conditioner on it afterward. To supply it with enough nutrients and minerals, applying beard oils will do. I will also keep your beard and mustache stays in place and lay naturally but with an enhanced look. If you want to keep a best beard style or design you need to apply a beard balm on it.Beard Trim With Thirteen Culture Products
  •    Choose your Beard idol and a beard buddy. You may need a motivation in growing and maintaining your
    beard. Having a beard idol and a buddy may help you in other ways or encourage you to maintain your beard. You may want Gandalf wild beard or the clean and neatly trimmed Russell’s beard. Having a knowledgeable buddy by your side as you begin your beard and mustache journey can be a big encouragement for you.

Growing your beard is never easy; it always requires a lot of patience.  The same as maintaining your beard, it requires extra care and patience. You need to invest some tools and products to keep it nice and appealing.

Now, you are ready to go. Nurture your beard and mustache garden. Always keep it nice looking and it will make you more manly. Now, we welcome to the beard and mustache club.


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Beard Trimmer- How to Choose

Men, you can say goodbye now to skin irritation while shaving your beard and mustache. Don’t settle for scissor if you can have a comfortable beard trimmer. If you want the best design for your beard, you will always need a beard trimmer. A trimmer is an essential tool to cut, trim and design your beard. It is a very useful tool that can be used without fear of irritating your skin. Compared to scissor, you may accidentally trim your beard too short, but by using adjustable trimmer you can control the desired length without fear of making mistakes.

beard trimmer
So, here are some simple guidelines in choosing the right beard trimmer.
• Price- It’s not always true that the lower the price the better. When choosing the trimmer you must consider that you get what you pay for. It is better to do research and canvassing in order to compare prices of the same brands and chose the most competitive price.
• Quality- Generally, when we say high-quality trimmers, it’s not all about the brand. It is choosing the trimmer that you can use for a long period of time. It is also important to choose a trimmer in which parts are available in the market. Remember, you will be using these and it is better to choose the trustworthy brand.
• Length Setting and Its Number- If you are unsure about the length that you would like to cut your beard, it is always best to choose the device with wide range adjustable trimmer guide. Having a unit like this will help you in caring the beard in your check down to necklines by shaving it in tiers. This step can make your beard style and design look natural.
• Users Review- Lot of men uses beard trimmer for their comfort. You can always read users review on each brand of the trimmers. Though it is not a perfect way it can help you in your decision making.

beard balm

Growing your beard and mustache can be easy but you’ll always need trimmer to keep it well groomed, appealing and clean. What we are trying to imply is that beard trimmer is a necessity in personal care and hygiene. It helps you create the best beard style perfect for your face. You can also easily trim or cut the desired length of your beard or mustache anytime you want instead of going to a barbershop. Wait a minute…..For the best look and neat appearance; don’t forget to apply beard oil or balm after trimming your beard.

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Best Use of Beard Oil and Balm

Do you want to know the proper use of beard oil and balm? If so, let me tell you that proper application of beard oil and balm can make a big difference in your face! Though there is no exact amount recommended, it only takes a very small amount of oil or balm can make your beard looks neat and clean.

Beard oil is mostly applied by men if they want their beard to stay in place and have it lay naturally. It is used as best health enhancing-effect for your beard or mustache and can be used as good conditioner. Just as the balm, it provides the same vitamins and nutrients, but it doesn’t affect the hold of your beard. Applying the oil can make you use the principle of a thumb rule. All you need to do is to pour a dime size in your palm and apply it in the hair.

Norse beard balm

Beard balms provide a good hold on your beard and mustache that can keep the best beard styles for you. It will not only help your hair look healthy and smooth, but it also helps your hair look toned and neat. It can be perfectly used for the unruly beard and mustache. Primarily its main ingredients are the shea butter and beeswax. It is a creamy and waxy substance that simply melts when you rub it in your hands. Same as the oil, balms can be also economically used. As a fact, you’ll only need a finger sized blob of balm to maintain your best beard style.

Applying oil and balm is just the same. It is highly recommended that you take your shower first or slightly damp your beard and mustache. After that, you can put a small amount of oil or balm in your palm and spread it all over your palms and fingers. Then you have to apply it on the beard or mustache by gently massaging it including your skin. Normally, its end result must be moisturized and soft beard. You may feel it slightly oily, but the unease feeling will vanish after 10-15 minutes. For the best beard style, you can comb it and manage your beard or mustache the way you want it to look.

Remember, it only takes a small amount of oil and balm to make your beard look neat and clean!

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Simplest Way To Trim A Beard

Are you planning to trim your beard and aim to achieve the best result?  If you do, trimming your beard can always be easy and simple if you know and follow the guidelines. Using a proper tool to trim your beard is necessary to achieve the desired shape.

Trimming long beard and short beard can be different. Here is the best way to trim your short beard.

First, you need to prepare all the tools needed. Among those tools are the towel, scissor, comb, trimmer, safety razor, big mirror, wax and shaving gel.

beard trimmer

Whenever you trim your beard, always make sure that it is dry and clean. Never trim it when it is wet because it becomes little longer while wet. You may end up cutting your beard too short than your desired shape and length.

In trimming your beard, always use a comb as your guide. Cut hairs above the comb so that you can’t make a mistake. The safest trimming tool to use is the trimmer. It features an adjustable blade, clipper guide and comb for easier use.

Always start trimming on the other side but don’t cut the hair too short. It is difficult to make an error of cutting too short. You may need months to correct it. The proper trimming procedure always starts on the side of the beard. Then you need to extend it under the chin. You also need to mark the sides in which you want to be shaven.

The Finishing Touch

After you finish trimming and achieved the desired length, you need to shave the unnecessary hair with a safety razor. But, before shaving it, always place a warm, damp towel on your face for about a minute or two minutes.  After removing the warm, damp towel, apply the shaving cream on the areas that you need to remove.

You can now gently glide the safety razor over the skin. Be extra careful in shaving the edges so that you may achieve the desired shape and your face may look clean and neat. After shaving, you need to apply shave lotion and beard oil. It can make your beard look clean and more appealing. Comb it and apply wax to make it more well groomed looking. Now you’re ready to go!

Following this simple guideline on how to trim your beard can take time, but it can help to achieve the desired result and shape.


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Best Beard Style: How to Achieve It

Do you want to look like a wild Alaskan wanderer? If you do, don’t take care of your beard and mustache. But, if you want to look more masculine and appealing, make it a habit to care for it. Proper caring for your beard and mustache can make it soft and manageable. With these, you can choose the best beard styles that can be perfect for your face.

Gentlemen, if you are interested to make yourself look clean and neat, here are some grooming tips to follow.

Make it grow better! 

Make it grow better by using beard oil and balm. Simply by applying oil and balm, it moisturizes skin and avoids it from itching. It can help your beard and mustache grow better. When your beard is growing, don’t think of trimming it too early. It is a common mistake that many men commit. Let it grow about 1.5 inches, then you can start shaping or designing your beard. Remember a simple mistake can take months to fix it.

Also, know when you should give up growing your beard. Accept the truth that not all men can grow a beard. If you notice that it is about 2 to three months yet your beard and mustache is not growing, shave it off then move on.

Keep it Healthy!

Your beard will not grow better if you will not keep it healthy. So how can we keep our beard healthy? Well, there are several things to consider in keeping it healthy. The topmost is to eat a healthy diet. According to studies, there is no specific food that can make your beard healthy, eating a balanced diet will do. After eating meals, take time also to wipe it with napkins so that substances from food may be removed.

The second thing is to get enough sleep. According to studies, men with lesser sleep have slower growth of beard compared with those men with sufficient sleep. So, if you want your beard and mustache to grow fast and healthy, get enough rest.

Good Grooming is always worth the effort.

Now that you’ve grown your beard and keep it healthy, you have to develop good grooming and take care of it.

Now you’ve got your beard. How do you take care of it?

It’s a very bad habit that most of the guys don’t shampoo their beards and others use bar soap to wash their beard and mustache. With this habit, you’ll end up with a dry beard as well as the skin underneath. In the long run, your beard and mustache will end up brittle. To prevent it, use a moisturizing shampoo.

Applying conditioner for beard and mustache can also help to prevent it from becoming wiry. You may choose to use leave in kind conditioner if you want so that you don’t need to wash it out. Also, there are lots of products that you may apply in your beard to make it clean and soft. In using products, use the non-comedogenic or a product that may not clog your pores. One of the brands to consider is the thirteen culture products.

Following these three simple things, make it grow better, keep it healthy and keep it well groomed; you can have the best beard styles that you want.

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Beard Grooming Tips- To Make you Look Amiable and Clean

Men listen up! With proper beard grooming techniques, you can always look nice, amiable and clean.

Growing your beard is easy but, making it appear clean and appealing requires patience and discipline. Just like your own hair, you need to wash it and apply shampoo in order to make it clean. Also, there are times that you need to trim it in order to make it grow more. There are also useful products that you can apply so that your beard may grow nice and clean looking.

Here are some of the disciplines to apply to your beard. Following these simple things can surely make you look more appealing and nice.

Keeping Your Beard Clean and Neat

A clean and nice looking mustache can make you more appealing and more masculine!

Same as your hair, your beard, and mustache need to be washed. You can use shampoo to make it clean and nice looking. After applying shampoo, you can use a conditioner to make it shiny and softer. Take note of this, “be very sure to rinse it well so that no visible flakes may be formed.”

You must gently pat your beard with a dry towel and do not use a blow dry because it can be harsh to the skin. You may now comb your beard and mustache using a wide toothed combed in order to remove the tangles. You can also finish it by using a brush and apply beard oil.

Trimming Your Beard

The right tool will always be helpful in trimming your beard and mustache! Right trimming procedure will make your beard and mustache look clean and neat.

While other men recommend it done by professional barbers, other men prefer it done by themselves. If you want to do it by yourself, be sure to have the right tool. There are several tools that you can use in trimming your beard. You may need a scissor, beard trimmer, and a beard comb. Also, purchasing a rechargeable beard trimmer is a good choice. A wide-tooth comb is perfect for your beard and fine-toothed comb is best for the mustache. Having a good wall size mirror will also help but it is better to have a three-way mirror and magnifying mirror.

If you are planning to trim your beard and mustache, don’t trim it while it is wet. It is longer when it is wet and if you trim it on that condition you will find it that you’ve trimmed it too much. In using a comb and mirror, it is best to cut the hair on its outside section. Remember, it is better to make an error of not cutting enough than cutting hair too much. To make sure its balance, you can start trimming near the ear down to the chin and repeat on its other side.

If you want to trim your beard and mustache fast and easy, purchase a beard trimmer. Along with the gadget comes an adjustable trimming guide. You can always refer to the manual on how to properly use it. If there is any stray hair, you can remove it with a trim razor. Don’t pluck it out! It may damage your skin pores.

With these simple tips on how to trim your beard and mustache, you will really look nice, amiable and clean!

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Start Growing a Beard

Growing a beard

All people need to take care of their hair on top of the head. For some men though, the beard is more important as it gives a greater impact on the lower half of the face especially aesthetically speaking. Like the hair, your beard may need shampooing, trimming, combing especially when it is very long. If you do all these without oiling, perhaps you will experience some problems. Beard oils are manufactured to give benefits for an unshaven man by moisturizing the often dry skin beneath the hair. The oil, aside from giving a pleasant smell, also controls the beard frazzle.

Aside from the oil, some men also like using the Beard Balm. Contradictory to what others say that it is the same with the oil, beard balm is a pomade that is made by mixing, heating and cooling moisturizers and sealants. The difference is obviously that the oil as the moisturizer and conditioner yield from the mixing carrier oils with essential oil blends or fragrance oils.

In case you need some good choices for Beard Oils and Beard Balms, then I suggest you keep browsing our site. Surely, we have the best types that suit your preferences. Happy Shopping!